What You Should Know About Buying a Website to Make Profit

by Joe Randall on January 9, 2013 · 1 comment

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If you take investments seriously, then perhaps the online marketplace is something you should be keeping a close eye on; more to the point, buying and selling websites. A lot of money can be made if you know what you are doing, for websites can have a fantastic ROI. However, perhaps the best thing is that you can handle all of your web empire straight from your home office, since it’s all on the internet! You could be wearing your dressing gown with your slippers still on your feet whilst you are making thousands. Here is a brief guide on how to make money from buying websites.

Where to look & what to look for?

Before you start, remember that you have got to put in a hefty amount yourself to see any return. Think about spending around ten months to a year’s revenue minimum to take ownership. Web owners will always prefer a lump sum because they, alike you, are keen to move on to the next investment. Never pay over two years’ worth of revenue.

Have a look around the website marketplace sites such as Flippa or Blarket, and browse through the websites for sale. All the important details of the website will be given by the seller. If you see a website you like the look of, you can always try to contact the seller directly to see if you can get a better deal – but note that this is against the Flippa agreement so you should avoid doing this. Always type the site’s keywords into Google and see where they are ranking; the choices on page two are what you want to aim for because there is room for improvement.

Before you buy

A website can be an expensive investment, so you should always ask yourself a few important things before you part with your cash.
Most importantly, do you have experience in managing websites? If you want to improve the website this is vital, to boost its Google rank and so forth. After you make your changes, website running and maintenance can be outsourced on the cheap; which is what a lot of website investors take advantage of.

How much traffic does the site currently receive? Ask the web owner to install Google Analytics on their website to get a greater understanding of the numbers, so you can see if the seller is pricing their website fairly.

How much is the website really worth? Everyone’s a tech wizard these days and forge online screenshots with ease; so if possible get a video screencast of documents proving how much the site is actually worth.


After working on your website, building its Google Rank and traffic and so forth, it is time to sell. Selling sites on the online marketplace websites can be slightly painful; faced question after question about the website which is a mental drain. So, it’s always best to do the as few times as possible – sell your website after a long period of time. Much like eBay tactics, setting a lower starting bid always works out to be more successful for it doesn’t scare investors away. If people contact you, be professional, polite and helpful; you do want to sell the website after all. There is no point listing your website for a whole month, bidding always happens in the last couple of days anyway.

If you know what you’re doing, making money from buying and selling websites can be child’s play. Be careful and never rush into a sale; always stay two steps ahead of the game by being clued up on all accounts. Good luck!

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Rajkumar Jonnala January 28, 2013 at 9:22 am

Analyzing the Traffic of the website or the blog will be the first thing that will be taken into consideration, when one is trying to buy a blog.

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