Traffic Building Toolkit – 4 Things You Need, and Why

by James Martell on January 10, 2013

There’s nothing quite like having a knowledgeable team of experts on your side when striving to expand the reach of, and increase the traffic to, your online business. I embraced the beauty of outsourcing several years ago when I first discovered Elance.  Outsourcing as many of my projects as possible allowed my wife Arlene and I to focus on our podcast program, Affiliate Buzz. We began hosting the Affiliate Buzz in 1999 and now we’re proud to say it’s the longest running program on the internet directed towards affiliate marketers and those who wish to increase their bottom line through the building of online traffic.

Hear it, See it, Do it – Reap the Traffic Rewards

Our loyal audience of listeners always tune in to the Affiliate Buzz when looking for new and creative ways to improve their traffic and conversions, often recommending the program to anyone who is hoping to build a successful, sustainable online income. It’s hard not to find inspiration from our guests as they share the various secrets of success.  We strive for quality content, not only in the written information we provide, but also with our podcasts, ensuring the details and tips we offer are up-to-the minute and always relevant to anyone who wishes to achieve success online.

Internet marketing has changed dramatically over the years, which is why I often outsource much of our copywriting to a talented team of writers I’ve found through  My wife Arlene has also hopped on the outsourcing bandwagon in our personal life, this year our daughter is in charge of making the pies for our big Thanksgiving dinner.  You should have witnessed the near mutiny which took place in our car recently when Arlene mentioned she wouldn’t be baking pies this year.

In truth, she wanted extra time to experiment with new dessert ideas, and now that she’s outsourced the pie making to our daughter we’re really looking forward to the holiday spread.  The same holds true for building internet traffic  - outsource what you can to leave you extra time to focus on what you really enjoy.

A Few Advancements to Advance Your Flow of Traffic

  • Yoast for SEO – Yoast for SEO, a powerful little plugin for WordPress. If you don’t already use this free tool you’ll definitely want to download it. Not only is Yoast for SEO a good way to gauge the content of your site, it makes a big difference to how Google perceives the content you’ve published. One of the things I like best about Yoast for SEO is the custom title tag option, since the title tag tends to be about eight times more important than the rest of the content of the page. Creating a custom title tag is also necessary for those times when the keyword hasn’t been included in your title, or the original headline is too long, or too many characters, for Google to care about.
  • Google Authorship Markup – Sometimes bloggers tend to overlook on-page SEO. From time to time I’m guilty of this too. I’ll provide lots of information and make sure that it’s well written, but at the end of the day I don’t have a hope of ranking because of a lack of using keywords. It’s a times like these when simply doing a keyword report to see if my main keyword is being utilized would really help the article. That’s where Google Authorship Markup comes in, it’s another way to increase traffic by building up author rank. Snuggled in with the descriptive text you can have your photo built in. In addition you can search the headline, title, url, content and meta description to ensure the keyword is being used to advantage. In short, it’s like on-page SEO for dummies.
  • Facebook Update Promotion – This is a very recent addition to Facebook, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. At over a billion users, with about a third of those users representing the USA and Canada, you can take your updates international by simply promoting your updates to a higher status for a nominal fee. Depending on the content you’re promoting, you can expand the reach of your message for pennies on the dollar.
  • Twitter Hashtags – A quick way to generate traffic is through creative use of keywords. Whether you start a hashtag to establish yourself as an expert in your niche, similar to James and Arlene Martell’s hashtag related to their Affiliate Buzz program, or simply jump into a conversation attached to another hashtag, being active on Twitter is a great way to earn more followers. Increased followers adds up to increased traffic over time.

Build the Road and Watch the Traffic Roll In

The internet isn’t the autobahn, even if changes come at a breakneck speed. Expect things to move slowly for a short while as you get into the habit of producing quality content at a consistent pace. The traffic you’re looking for will come as you put forth a daily effort and ensure your material is not only top notch, but ideally configured to advantage. Looking for profits to roll in before you’ve established a steady flow of traffic is a bit like putting the cart before the proverbial horse.

Remember to take it one day at time, one step at a time, and soon you’ll not only be in the car of your dreams, but you’ll have the Ferrari Scuderia cap and Scuderia Ferrari watch to match.

About the Author:

Internet marketing expert James Martell has been in affiliate marketing for close to 13 years, and has created more than 150 hours of audio training on the subject. James is a sought after speaker for affiliate marketing conventions and is the author of the top-selling “Affiliate Marketers Handbook”, which is now in it’s Third Edition after being released in 2002. James lives with his wife Arlene, their 4 children and new granddaughter in White Rock, BC, though when he needs an escape from the cold weather he frequently takes vacations on tropical resorts in Maui.

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