Technology is Shaping the Face of Online Gambling

by Tyler Guyson on June 14, 2012 · 1 comment

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Shuffling the old school way (Photo: Todd Klassy)

Few feeling compare to the rush that you can get from gambling.  Maybe you dream of winning the lottery to quit your job and live on an island.  Or perhaps you just like to hear the slot machine goes ca-ching!  This anticipation, excitement and atmosphere is the reason why nearly 40 million people visit the desert city of Las Vegas every year.

When I was growing up, those who wanted to gamble would playing poker in their basement or take a Sunday drive the casino.  Prior to 1996, there was no online gambling – You needed to leave the house to get to a bingo hall, casino or convenience store.   In today’s fast-paced world of instant gratification, technology is making it possible for us to put our money on the line from anywhere.  More specifically, technology like iPhones and iPads are shaping the way we gamble by:

  • allowing you to gamble more – with technology you can be simultaneously playing at multiple poker tables.
  • enabling you to play anywhere – as long as you have a wifi or 4G signal, you can say “hit me” from the cottage
  • giving you the ability to learn more about gambling – watch the latest YouTube videos about how to increase your odds
  • helping us win more -  a poker face can be better concealed
  • calculate the odds – figure out what your chances are of winning by using tools like the Texas Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator

Yes technology can give you the sense of having an ipad casino in your living room.   Technology still has a long way to go to capture the atmosphere and social aspect of the game.  But for those who are just in need of playing where an when they need, technology is a life saver.

What does this mean for the the online entrepreneur?  You can take this as your opportunity to get in on the growing gambling industry.  Consider building a roulette app or making a social site where people can gamble without spending money (and you can sell ad space). You could also provide a service to help people overcome their addiction (don’t forget to look at the life-cycle of the customer).

Where was the last place you gambled?  Let us know in the comments below.





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