4 Hidden Features In The Popular Social Media Hub Twimbow

When we started designing and developing our innovative social media hub Twimbow we had in mind, since day one, that it had to be very different from other similar solutions out there. This is, probably, the reason why some blogs called Twimbow the “Apple of Social Media Dashboards”, since it offers a completely new approach [...]

Post image for Get more Traffic and Tweets with JustRetweet

JustRetweet is a tool that drives traffic to your twitter account and help you in getting maximum results. There’s no question that Twitter drives website traffic. This is particularly true when one of your updates blog post, Website, retweeted within the industry. And the effect is two-fold: You not only get a good dose [...]

Post image for Protecting Your Business Reputation from Instant Updates

The earthquake on the east coast sent the entire population into a panic. Residents were not prepared for the natural tectonic plate shift, and became startled by the possibility of another terrorist attack. Twitter users in Washington D.C. posted about the event and informed people in New York about the disruption seconds before it hit [...]

Keep Your Readers Love Your Readers

This post may seem a little out of your normal techy-straightforward-let’s-make-money-post, but stick with me, while it may not be three surefire ways to make you more money in the next three months, I think it’s just as important. And while it may not include the class words like “Google” or “adwords” or “page rank,” [...]

Post image for Tweepi For Targeted Traffic On Twitter – Fast!

Yep, the tongue-twisting title says it all – there are many ways that you can get lots of twitter followers fast! However, I would like to share with you one of the most effective ways if you are just getting started on twitter, or if you are looking to have a larger follow-base. Remember, the [...]

My 3 Favorite Twitter Tactics For Creating Fresh Traffic

Put on your thinking cap for a minute.  You read the headline and you are curious about generating more traffic for your website with Twitter.  But before we get to that,  I have a quick quiz for you.  What’s bigger in terms of revenue, Twitter or Popeye’s Chicken? No, not which one is more delicious. [...]

The Psychology of Social Media: Or “Why Social Media is so darn addictive”

Internet has been so popular to people all around the world. It is a very convenient way to find information (no need for those very bulky encyclopedia sets which aside from its massive volume, it costs a lot and it is also very hard to update). Internet also is used for faster communication, sending mails [...]

How to Become a Better Tweeter

If you are new to Twitter it may take a while for you to figure out how to use it efficiently.There are certain things that you can do to make yourself a better tweeter while keeping the rules of etiquette in mind. While tweeting on Twitter can be lot of fun,here are some tips that can [...]

Too Many Newbies Online Doing The Same Type Of Marketing

Ok folks this my first guest post here on and pretty much wanted to come in with a bang. I’m not one of those marketers who is going to beat around the bush and sugar coat things. My train of thought is to tell people the truth so they don’t get false hopes about [...]

Webtrends in Social Media - Facebook vs Twitter

The social network wars seem to have died down, however it doesn’t mean that pursuing social media platforms isn’t a good thing. Social media has transformed not only the way we communicate with our family and friends, but how we communicate with our co-workers, our employees, and even our customers. More and more businesses have [...]