My body screamed in agony. I blinked hard as sweat poured into my eyes, burning like pickle juice and vodka. My legs trembled, then shook violently as my body contorted in a most inhuman way. As I exhaled the shakes began to dissipate. Welcome to yoga. All the cool kids on the interweb seem to [...]

Post image for Entrepreneurial Mindset – The Two Factors That Make Or Break Us

Being coined a young entrepreneur was difficult in the beginning. Some thought I was crazy. Others thought I would fail. But the majority thought I was just too young. “You don’t have enough experience.” They’d say. “You don’t know enough about the industry – there are many others that are too big; you’ll never make [...]

5 Ways To Keep Your Blog Readers Loyal

There are many factors that contribute to the success and popularity of a blog but the key is to custom tailor your content based on what you know about your readers. Engage your audience, then keep them coming back for more. The following are 5 ways to keep your blog readers loyal.

6 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Niche

Basically what is a niche ? Niche is generally a small concavity. In simple related to blogging, you can say selecting a particular type of category to blog on. So the questions is how should one determine before selecting a particular category to blog on ? What kind of niche should one go with ? [...]

#1 Reason Why You're Not Making Money Online

Lots of people try to make money online, but 95% of the people who try to make money online fail. It is a horrible fact. Here are the reasons why they fail: #1 Reason – They try to do way too many things Almost every beginner internet marketer suffers from information overload. That happens simply, [...]

Guest Posting In A-List Blogs: What Works And What Doesn't?

Apart from various other benefits of guest posts, one of the main reasons all of us write quality guest posts is to get noticed by someone else’s traffic for free. Other benefits that I like the most are the following: Writing guest posts shapes me as a blogger, improves my writing, makes me more accountable, [...]

Want Online Business Success? Then Claim It!

This article will not talk about the do’s and don’ts of having a successful business.  We all know what that entails don’t we? The steps to success can be pretty textbook sometimes.  To get to point B from Point A you have to do X, Y and Z. You may not know all the technical [...]

10 Smart Tips For Those Who Want To Make Money Online

Every successful online money maker, started as a beginner with nothing but dreams and a true hunger for success. If you are looking for some kind of ‘secret’, I am sorry but will not find it here. After years of experience and a lot of success along with some failures, I decided to provide 10 [...]

The Lonely Road of Blogging

by dsx on November 6, 2010 · 29 comments

The Lonely Road of Blogging

Blogging is a journey that requires effort and patience. There are often times that you may find yourself on a lonely road, especially if you’re new to blogging. The goal is to find the fork in the road and blog your way to success. Finding the fork is not an easy task and there are [...]

For #&$% sake – Publish my Guest Post Already!

You spent the past 3 hours slogging it out on your computer writing that guest post that you hope will be a killer. You then log into wordpress on the blog that you’re going to be publishing on, copy the content over, add an image and hit the “submit for review.” To your dismay you [...]