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In the past, popups have been a double-edged sword. Bloggers are using popups to capture the newsletter signups or RSS subscribers. The first plugin created for capturing newsletter signups was Popup Domination, since than many pop up plugins have been released.

3 Important Elements of On-Page SEO

Everyone knows that there is value in search engine rankings.  They are the best way to get found, gain customers and grow your subscriber base. There are all sorts of benefits to channels like social media, online communities and traditional advertising that can be used to promote a web site. And the concept of internet [...]

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Today, everyone wants to make money online and they try to do it with affiliate marketing. The problems is that to be effective at affiliate marketing , you have to do things right and ethically. Ethics are really important because there are a lot of ” wrong ways” to make money with affiliate marketing (spam, [...]

4 Things You MUST Do to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Success as an affiliate marketer doesn’t have to be as complicated as many people make it out to be. There isn’t a secret code or obscure system that needs to be unearthed to find success. A lot of what we do as affiliate marketers comes down to common sense and basic business principles. In this [...]

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While blogging can be a great way to achieve a lot of things it is very important to know that marketing is an essential part of blogging; you can write great content as much as you like, you can be unique as much as you like and you can have more than enough knowledge on [...]

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2010 was really a great year for everyone. I started blogging in January 2010 and i have been able to build successful blog within a year. At the same time (i guess) onibalusi started blogging, he is an awesome blogger and i’ve learned so many things from oni! It’s really cool to get awesome tips [...]

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Many of the blogger don’t bother much to increase their email subscribers but it is must to keep your readers in direct contact with you. If you have email subscribers then you can start email marketing, share you business product with no cost and also your email subscribers has an easy way of giving feedback [...]