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How to Regain the Traffic you lost to Google Panda

The introduction of Google Panda in late February, 2011 represents a laudable attempt to increase user satisfaction among Google’s enormous user base. Users surf the Web everyday for a huge variety of topics and are the driving force behind the huge advertising revenue which Google generates each month. Before Google Panda was introduced, junk content [...]

5 Ways To Keep Your Blog Readers Loyal

There are many factors that contribute to the success and popularity of a blog but the key is to custom tailor your content based on what you know about your readers. Engage your audience, then keep them coming back for more. The following are 5 ways to keep your blog readers loyal.

The Psychology of Social Media: Or “Why Social Media is so darn addictive”

Internet has been so popular to people all around the world. It is a very convenient way to find information (no need for those very bulky encyclopedia sets which aside from its massive volume, it costs a lot and it is also very hard to update). Internet also is used for faster communication, sending mails [...]

3 Fool Proof Online Marketing Ideas for Dummies

There are dozens of online marketing agencies that specialize in pushing websites to their top level of performance using a huge range of different techniques such as paid ads and organic search engine optimization techniques. Although the services online marketing agencies offer are generally professional and very successful, for new website owners, the cost of [...]

SEO Competition

Competition is healthy but when you are continually 2nd or 3rd place to your major competitors and there is nothing you can do to out beat them, then you have some serious questioning to ask yourself to see what your doing is actually right? With over 14 billion websites on the internet it is no [...]

7 Effective Ways to Get Quality Traffic to Your Blog

Having been blogging for quite sometime now, I have come to see lots of blogs. I have seen blogs come and go and I have seen blogs skyrocket to high success almost overnight. One major thing I could discover from those blogs going into oblivion is that they lack traffic.