The majority of online writers, those who blog or write website content or run e-magazines, experience the upsetting experience of getting ‘robbed’; that is, their writing gets stolen by some else and gets posted somewhere on the World Wide Web. They may or may not get an attribute for the stolen content or sometimes get [...]

Today, everybody connected with the SEO industry is talking about ‘quality content’ and how it helps your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. So let’s see what this quality content really is and how it can be put to good use. What’s Good Content? Google, in a manner of speaking, is king and so your content [...]

There are a number of tools used to deliver different types of websites, from customized Content management systems like Joomla and WordPress to tailor made applications.  If you are thinking about developing a website for your business, you may be wondering which Content Management System is most suitable for you. WordPress and Joomla are two [...]

Nathan Williams, senior copywriter at SEO Advocate, once said, “SEO provides actions, targets, and priorities, and copywriters use that information to tailor the content. The two sides must work together, or both fail.” High-quality content makes a big difference. That is because sites that Google considers to be more important are more likely to link [...]

There’s nothing quite like having a knowledgeable team of experts on your side when striving to expand the reach of, and increase the traffic to, your online business. I embraced the beauty of outsourcing several years ago when I first discovered Elance.  Outsourcing as many of my projects as possible allowed my wife Arlene and [...]

You may have heard about this new algorithm update by Google called Penguin wreaking havoc in numerous SEO forums. This is due in part to a vast number of websites that experienced sudden free falls in search engine rankings leading to a huge drop in traffic. So, if you are depending on organic traffic from [...]

It’s not a secret that search engine optimization is a very cunning and complicated craft. The actions you take in order to give your web resource more publicity may either result in having it highly promoted and indexed by search engines, or downgraded or even banned because of an incorrectly chosen strategy. That is why [...]

Search Engine Optimization is an old term that has evolved a huge amount over the last decade.  Making a site both user and search engine friendly can be difficult, but keeping up with what actually works can be even harder. Not that long ago SEO used to focus simply on backlinks and on-page optimization these [...]

  Google is the No.1 Search Engine without any doubt, but are you spending time to increase your search ranking on Google?  In my experience, many blogs get 75%+ of their niche traffic from Google Organic Search.  This is critical to understand how to maximize and get the most of it.  Here are some easy ways [...]

How to Create Blogs (or Websites) with the Long Term in Mind

Why are you creating a blog? Is it to share your personal thoughts and daily occurrences with the world? Is it to promote yourself or your company? Or is to make money? Of course, it’s very possible to make money with a personal or corporate blog, but if making fast money is the express purpose [...]