7 Deadly Sins of Blogging

Blogging has become one of the most popular activities done by netizens. It is estimated that thousands of blogs are created each day. And if you made a rough estimate on the number of blogs currently residing over the internet the numbers will surely be mind boggling. If you feel that you’re getting lost in [...]

Inconsistent Traffic – Three Steps to solve it

Do you want to know how to get good traffic to your website; you want to let the world know that you have some properties on your blog location (your website domain). Have you tried all the traffic generation techniques that you know but nothing seems to be working for you? Wait, you are not [...]

Tips to Create Value From Your Facebook Business Page

Of course we all know about Facebook and how it’s a powerful tool for business. These days’ it seems people check their Facebook account even more frequently than their email and use it for the social connections in their life.  For me personally, email is something I do for work and my personal email is [...]

Keyword Selection: The Money is in the Keywords

Statistically a large percentage — up to 90% — of internet marketers and individuals who desire to make money online fail in their endeavors. The reasons for failure are vast but the one prominent variable that stands out is that many people choose a niche that does not offer any commercial value and they tend [...]

Post image for 5 Tips To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

Today, everyone wants to make money online and they try to do it with affiliate marketing. The problems is that to be effective at affiliate marketing , you have to do things right and ethically. Ethics are really important because there are a lot of ” wrong ways” to make money with affiliate marketing (spam, [...]

Time Is King - Some Interesting Quotes About Time Management

Time is the most important thing in your life. I can say this without a doubt. It is really the most important thing in your life. If you spend money, you can make more money later on, but you can’t just make more time later. You can only spend it and not make more of it. [...]

6 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Niche

Basically what is a niche ? Niche is generally a small concavity. In simple related to blogging, you can say selecting a particular type of category to blog on. So the questions is how should one determine before selecting a particular category to blog on ? What kind of niche should one go with ? [...]

Getting The Most From Selling Advert Space On Your Blog

Once you have got the traffic level on your blog up to the target you had hoped for you might want to start putting private adverts up on your blog for a monthly/yearly subscription fee. This is a great way to earn some relatively stable income from one of your revenue streams as well as [...]

Taking a Break from Blogging

by William on November 20, 2010 · 30 comments

Taking a Break from Blogging

Step into the shoes of a true hustler.  Look at blogging through my eyes.  The day I let another person out work me is the day I say goodnight. I’m all money in, concentrated on my goal.  I will not let haters in my lane.  Blogging has changed my life.  It has given me goals [...]

Tips for Hosting a Successful Blog Giveaway and Increasing Traffic, Too!

The best things in life are free especially if the things are fun and relevant. People love winning free prizes, so contests of any sort are bound to attract at least some attention. Hosting a contest or giveaway on your site can be a great way to drum up traffic and maybe even earn a [...]

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