Post image for Case Study “Hyperbole and a half”: From Successful Blog to Best-selling Graphic Novel

Many bloggers dream of publishing a book with their Internet content. In fact, it seems that there is no need to write a book anymore; you can just gather all your blog posts, add some nice graphics, do some minor editing, and off you go; instant literary success awaits. As things are, this fantasy is [...]

Write a Noticeable Blog Post

by think on September 26, 2013 · 12 comments

 Lately, it seems as though everyone has a blog. There are thousands of blog posts on every imaginable topic, all seeking reader attention. With all of this competition, how do you make sure that your one blog post stands out? There are a variety of theories on the subject. I put together the top three [...]

There has been a lot of discussion about the effectiveness of Facebook ads vis-a-vis the cost. This has been the subject of conflicting reports. Some reports have shown Facebook ads to be highly effective, while some have shown these same ads to be ineffective. However in spite of the negative reports, it might be worth [...]

Facebook fan page is no longer a luxury these days. Almost every company has their Facebook profile which they use to communicate with fans, share news and attract new customers. However, most Facebook page owners reduce their experience to simple status updates, video, photo or link sharing. Still Facebook is much more than this – it [...]

4 Hidden Features In The Popular Social Media Hub Twimbow

When we started designing and developing our innovative social media hub Twimbow we had in mind, since day one, that it had to be very different from other similar solutions out there. This is, probably, the reason why some blogs called Twimbow the “Apple of Social Media Dashboards”, since it offers a completely new approach [...]

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JustRetweet is a tool that drives traffic to your twitter account and help you in getting maximum results. There’s no question that Twitter drives website traffic. This is particularly true when one of your updates blog post, Website, retweeted within the industry. And the effect is two-fold: You not only get a good dose [...]

How to Create Blogs (or Websites) with the Long Term in Mind

Why are you creating a blog? Is it to share your personal thoughts and daily occurrences with the world? Is it to promote yourself or your company? Or is to make money? Of course, it’s very possible to make money with a personal or corporate blog, but if making fast money is the express purpose [...]

4 Practical Steps to Creating a Popular Blog

No one ever starts a blog thinking “I don’t care if anyone ever reads it; I am going to write it anyway”. The truth is we start blogging to be heard, to share, to interact, and yes, to make money. Of course, none of it (especially, the “making money” part) is even remotely possible without [...]

3 Tools for Blogging From Your Mobile Phone

Bloggers are no longer confined to their desktops or laptops. Technology has optimized a blogger’s ability to share their view on the world in words, photos or videos with just the flick of their wrist. Today, all a blogger needs is a mobile phone. Bloggers can write a post on their daily commute, or snap [...]

Post image for Protecting Your Business Reputation from Instant Updates

The earthquake on the east coast sent the entire population into a panic. Residents were not prepared for the natural tectonic plate shift, and became startled by the possibility of another terrorist attack. Twitter users in Washington D.C. posted about the event and informed people in New York about the disruption seconds before it hit [...]