Whether you write for fun or if you do it for monetary gains, owning your own website or blogging really only gets interesting when you have your own pool of visitors diligently following your every update. Constant traffic to your blog will not only increase the influence of your website, but will also help to [...]

6 bad SEO Practices you should avoid

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the main way that businesses bring in new traffic. Mainly company’s, after creating a website, try to do whatever they can to have their site show up on Google, and other search engines, and then try to increase the ranking that their site has on said search engines. While there [...]

Use Keywords To Your Best Advantage

Why do you get visitors to your website? Do some research on keywords and phrases relevant to your product or service, then you’ll keep visitors there and bring them back as well. Keyword placement and “picking” is an art, which requires practice and a bit of research. If the traffic flow to your site keeps [...]

What is LSI and Why Your Blog NEEDS It

I am sure you are thinking, what else could my blog possibly need? Including some crazy acronym like LSI. I am going to tell you what LSI is and why your blog desperately needs it. What is LSI? If you have been in blogging for any amount of time, you will know the importance of [...]

Keyword Selection: The Money is in the Keywords

Statistically a large percentage — up to 90% — of internet marketers and individuals who desire to make money online fail in their endeavors. The reasons for failure are vast but the one prominent variable that stands out is that many people choose a niche that does not offer any commercial value and they tend [...]

6 Tips for Writing Outstanding Blog Titles

It doesn’t matter if you pump out award-winning content, if your blog title is underwhelming, your audience will leave in droves. Unfortunately, many bloggers focus to much on what’s in the blog, rather than what gets people in so they can read all that great content. Since search engines regularly use blog titles in ranking, [...]

Avoiding Blog Clutter: 5 Steps to Organizing and Optimizing Your Blog

Remember how hard you work to avoid wasting time on the Internet? When you organize your blog, you’re trying to do the opposite. Instead of trying to avoid wasting time, you’re trying to entice readers to get drawn in and WANT to waste time at your site. It’s like you’re the procrastination devil. “Just a [...]