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What is LSI and Why Your Blog NEEDS It

I am sure you are thinking, what else could my blog possibly need? Including some crazy acronym like LSI. I am going to tell you what LSI is and why your blog desperately needs it. What is LSI? If you have been in blogging for any amount of time, you will know the importance of [...]

Keyword Selection: The Money is in the Keywords

Statistically a large percentage — up to 90% — of internet marketers and individuals who desire to make money online fail in their endeavors. The reasons for failure are vast but the one prominent variable that stands out is that many people choose a niche that does not offer any commercial value and they tend [...]

The Secret of Driving YouTube Traffic to Your Website

When you start talking about all the different ways you can drive traffic to your site, you have to talk about YouTube. It has been sizzling hot for many marketers yet others continue to overlook this highly trafficked video search engine. 4 Stunning Facts Sure, there are plenty of other video search engines, but none [...]

sticks and stones may hurt but keywords will make you rich

A look at why understanding your keywords is a lot more important than understanding your customers. Yes they whinge and maybe even throw stones at you – but that’s just what customers do. Keywords don’t. Just saying, that is all. Keyword Research is an art form and not something that should be taken lightly if [...]

SEO In a Nutshell: The Shortest Tutorial Ever

Not time for fluff; let’s get straight to business. 1. Keyword research Make sure you start with this step! Determine what your targeted traffic might be searching for. Be sure your content addresses their needs. Pick one main keyword or keyword phrase to optimize your post for.

Post image for How To Get Traffic In 45 Seconds

Organic Traffic is the most targeted traffic, but Optimizing each and every post for the search engine is time consuming and requires effort. Until now. A new keyword tool is enabling bloggers to get a snapshot of the optimum keyphrases for your site – meaning you can now optimize for targeted traffic in , oh about 45 seconds! Let’s take a closer look at the what and the why…