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Write a Noticeable Blog Post

by think on September 26, 2013 · 12 comments

 Lately, it seems as though everyone has a blog. There are thousands of blog posts on every imaginable topic, all seeking reader attention. With all of this competition, how do you make sure that your one blog post stands out? There are a variety of theories on the subject. I put together the top three [...]

Promotional marketing is evolving with the ever-growing internet network which now counts over 35% of the world’s population. A great number of promotional marketing experts are aware of this and are constantly learning how to seize the promotional opportunities they are given. With the appearance of new software for search engine optimization (SEO), promotional marketing [...]

There has been a lot of discussion about the effectiveness of Facebook ads vis-a-vis the cost. This has been the subject of conflicting reports. Some reports have shown Facebook ads to be highly effective, while some have shown these same ads to be ineffective. However in spite of the negative reports, it might be worth [...]

Internet marketing although over 20 years old, may be new to some people.   However the principles of traditional marketing should still apply.  You need to match a product with the needs of the customer.   You need to demonstrate the benefits (eg. quality, speed, comfort) of your product and then select a medium and location to [...]

Do you ever get stuck when creating product descriptions?  It’s not always easy to write descriptions that are compelling enough to encourage the sale? Here are 4 tips that can help you write product descriptions that will differentiate your products from the rest and move your prospect from casual browser to actually making a purchase. [...]

Benefits and Drawbacks of Various Online Marketing Techniques

This article focuses on the important advantages and disadvantages of the various Online Marketing Techniques that are used by Marketers today. 1. Pay-per-Click Advertising PPC involves paying for ads that appear on the Search Engine Result Pages, when the user types a search term or a keyword. The Advertisers are charged every time an ad [...]

Method Over Madness: Perfecting an Outsourcing Process

In today’s economy, stretching your dollar is critical when starting an online business.  The freewheeling credit opportunities of last decade are a thing of the past, and venture capital can be scarce.  Cultivating an internal team of dedicated employees can be cost-prohibitive.  As a result, it is vital that you find ways to build your [...]

Guest Blogging—The What, Where, When, and Why

If you have ever been to a city in America, you likely understand the concept “fast-paced,” and if you are a working America, you likely understand that “fast-paced” is difficult to avoid. However, living in such a fast-paced world doesn’t always lead to using time efficiently—if you skip one step to get to another, you [...]

How Seniors Can Thrive as Internet Marketers

When most people imagine themselves as retired, they most likely picture themselves financially secure. Years of hard work, planning, investing wisely and saving are supposed to prepare us for a leisurely retirement, time to finally kick back and have fun. There are some seniors who are fortunate enough to reach this goal. But, even with [...]

Creative Marketing Ideas for Internet Marketers: Link Baiting

Creative marketing could be a large, large win for the site. Now, it’s known as “creative” for any reason and it might not be in your sweet zone, but that does not mean that you ought to neglected like a large potential supply of traffic. This really is most likely among the quickest methods to [...]

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