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How many people are going to keep starting blogs and throw a bunch of content on the site and think they are going to get rich and retire in a month? It’s one of the most unlikely things a blogger can possibly think will happen. The TRUTH is that blogging is one of the slowest [...]

The process of building backlinks to your web site or blog is not only time consuming, but it can be quite costly. It doesn’t matter if you are guest posting, leaving comments on blogs or even buying links… somewhere there is an understanding in place you performed some type of action, and in return you [...]

Everyone wants to build massive links to their web site or blog and start ranking at the top of the search engines for high traffic keywords. Unfortunately the task of getting high quality and relevant links is getting more competitive and costly. With Google continually making changes to their algorithms and wiping out article directories [...]

  I set some pretty lofty goals for 2012.  One of them was to write more articles on different websites to attract new readers, refine my writing skills and increase backlinks.  If you’ve made a similar goal then I invite you to think about contributing to the community to start paving new roads to [...]

Guest posts are turning out to be an important internet marketing tool and almost all internet marketers are using this tool to boost their marketing efforts. But, not all of them get it right. In fact, a large percentage gets it wrong. They get it wrong because they look at guest blogging purely from a [...]

Inconsistent Traffic – Three Steps to solve it

Do you want to know how to get good traffic to your website; you want to let the world know that you have some properties on your blog location (your website domain). Have you tried all the traffic generation techniques that you know but nothing seems to be working for you? Wait, you are not [...]

Do You Whine About Other Blogs And Expect Yours To Grow?

Because it has become so easy to get a new blog people have joined the blogging train. The general behavior of such people is that they blog for a couple of months or maybe up to six months and when they don’t see the ‘trendy’ results they expected, they want out. My belief is such [...]

3 Untapped Ways To Drive Fast Traffic To Your Blog

Let’s face it, although SEO can be a very powerful method of driving traffic it does have its drawbacks. First, it is slow and (at least in my experience) it is getting slower. It can take months to gain the necessary authority in Google’s eyes to achieve a decent level of search engine traffic. Secondly, [...]

Guest Blogging - More Than Just Backlinks

If you’ve done a little research into marketing your website you’ve probably run across the term “link building” – and naturally one easy and fast way to do this it to guest post on blogs. And there limitless blogs around you are able to post on. However link building is not the end all be [...]

Announcing the Crazy Guest Blogging Contest Winners

We had several independent judges that were asked to rate each post on a scale of 1 to 10 based its overall quality and creativity. I averaged all of these scores to determine the winners. Number of comments, amount of tweets and general social engagement was also looked at as a secondary metric that we [...]

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