You may have heard about this new algorithm update by Google called Penguin wreaking havoc in numerous SEO forums. This is due in part to a vast number of websites that experienced sudden free falls in search engine rankings leading to a huge drop in traffic. So, if you are depending on organic traffic from [...]

  Google is the No.1 Search Engine without any doubt, but are you spending time to increase your search ranking on Google?  In my experience, many blogs get 75%+ of their niche traffic from Google Organic Search.  This is critical to understand how to maximize and get the most of it.  Here are some easy ways [...]

Creating a Google+ Brand page for your website

Yesterday, Google+ launched the Brand pages. I’ve just created an new brand page for WP Kube on Google+ and thought to share the process with you. The page works very similar to Google+ Profile. You can add videos/images or update status. Google+ is great feature and much better than Facebook pages. Google+ brand pages are [...]

6 bad SEO Practices you should avoid

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the main way that businesses bring in new traffic. Mainly company’s, after creating a website, try to do whatever they can to have their site show up on Google, and other search engines, and then try to increase the ranking that their site has on said search engines. While there [...]

Keyword Research: The Balancing Act

Keyword Research can seem deceptively simple.  At first glance you are looking for terms you can compete for that have a decent monthly search volume.  Pretty simple, right?  Well there’s a bit more to it… I call it the “balancing act” and it involves weighing out three separate factors when doing your keyword research:

Cheat Sheet For Guest Writers – 6 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Post

Recently I had a Skype conversation with an associate of mine Lisa Penekamp about guest posting and what could be done to get the biggest bang out of the backlinks that point to her site from that guest posting. Lisa is a big fan of guest posting and is convinced, and rightly so, that links [...]

Inconsistent Traffic – Three Steps to solve it

Do you want to know how to get good traffic to your website; you want to let the world know that you have some properties on your blog location (your website domain). Have you tried all the traffic generation techniques that you know but nothing seems to be working for you? Wait, you are not [...]

The Socialization of SEO

Marketers have been singing the praises of social media for awhile now.  It helps to build a brand and provides a place to form relationships and interact with current and potential customers and clients.  If that’s still not enough reason to get involved in social media, this might be the clincher- your social media involvement [...]

Volume Writing VS Creative Writing - and Panda

Turning up the volume in the Internet world is what every single blogger, affiliate marketer, and webmaster would like to try to accomplish. Not only that, but they would ideally like to accomplish the task while not having to make any sacrifices in terms of quality. This is not easy however as turning up the [...]


An Idea That Changed Everything Although we hear the term *backlinks* a lot, many do not know *why* backlinks are important to rankings. In fact, very few realize that Google’s original name was *backrub*. The co-founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin had been working together on a search engine they called *backrub* since early [...]

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