My body screamed in agony. I blinked hard as sweat poured into my eyes, burning like pickle juice and vodka. My legs trembled, then shook violently as my body contorted in a most inhuman way. As I exhaled the shakes began to dissipate. Welcome to yoga. All the cool kids on the interweb seem to [...]

6 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Niche

Basically what is a niche ? Niche is generally a small concavity. In simple related to blogging, you can say selecting a particular type of category to blog on. So the questions is how should one determine before selecting a particular category to blog on ? What kind of niche should one go with ? [...]

How To Stay Focused On Your Blogging

Bloggers today simply cannot afford to become distracted from their blogs, because, if they do, they risk missing out on either taking advantage of a great opportunity to attract more readers or responding to their current readers regarding an issue that has arisen. In either case, the important thing is that bloggers have to remain [...]

Not Getting Comments to Your Blog? Here are Some Things to Do!

It doesn’t matter how much we try to accept or deny it the truth is that how much comments our blog posts get and how accepted it is by our audience has a great impact on our blogging success. If you see that people truly appreciate your work you will find it easier to be [...]

10 Traits of Successful Internet Entrepreneurs

Ask ten different people what they think an online entrepreneur is, and you’re likely to get at least ten different answers. That’s because being a successful online entrepreneur is something that very few people will ever experience. Some think it’s merely starting your own business. Others think that a good online entrepreneur simply markets themselves [...]

6 Deadly Sins That Can Squeeze Your Life Out Of The Blogosphere

Every blogger wants to stay in the blogosphere and achieve great results and no one wants to get deprived by it. Let me ask you a question. Are you really avoiding the sins that can squeeze your life out of the blogosphere? The joy of a blogger is when he or she is reaping the [...]

3 Ways to Blog with Purpose

“Winners are people with definite purpose in life.” – Denis Waitley Purpose means that you have a reason for which something exists or is done, made or used. By now you are probably thinking to yourself, “I know my purpose and my purpose is making money.”  Well, making money is good, but money can’t be [...]

How To Get Blog Post Ideas For Your Blog

One great problem most bloggers face is the problem called “writers block“, I hate hearing about it not even knowing I will come to face it one day. Being an avid guest blogger who has written over 40 guest posts in one month, getting blog post ideas was never a problem for me but I [...]

Find Out How You Can Reap Millions In Internet Revenues [Part 3]

This is the final part to ‘Find out how you can reap millions in internet revenues’. A quick recap from the previous Part 1 | Find Our How You Can Reap Millions In Internet Revenues, I have talked about the importance of the “Big System” and how it will be possible for you to plug [...]