There has been a lot of discussion about the effectiveness of Facebook ads vis-a-vis the cost. This has been the subject of conflicting reports. Some reports have shown Facebook ads to be highly effective, while some have shown these same ads to be ineffective. However in spite of the negative reports, it might be worth [...]

There are now more than 800 million Facebook users with more than 50% logging into their accounts every day. Facebook is definitely the channel to go to if you want to promote your website. There is more than just posting the URL of your website in your status every now and then. Read on to [...]

Whether you write for fun or if you do it for monetary gains, owning your own website or blogging really only gets interesting when you have your own pool of visitors diligently following your every update. Constant traffic to your blog will not only increase the influence of your website, but will also help to [...]

Facebook fan page is no longer a luxury these days. Almost every company has their Facebook profile which they use to communicate with fans, share news and attract new customers. However, most Facebook page owners reduce their experience to simple status updates, video, photo or link sharing. Still Facebook is much more than this – it [...]

The Socialization of SEO

Marketers have been singing the praises of social media for awhile now.  It helps to build a brand and provides a place to form relationships and interact with current and potential customers and clients.  If that’s still not enough reason to get involved in social media, this might be the clincher- your social media involvement [...]

How to Enjoy and Have Fun on Facebook

Today’s post is all about how to have fun on Facebook. There is just too much negativity in the news lately so let’s have some cheerful article here instead. Now, chances are that you already have a Facebook account. So what do you normally do when you logged into Facebook? Here is a look at [...]

The Psychology of Social Media: Or “Why Social Media is so darn addictive”

Internet has been so popular to people all around the world. It is a very convenient way to find information (no need for those very bulky encyclopedia sets which aside from its massive volume, it costs a lot and it is also very hard to update). Internet also is used for faster communication, sending mails [...]

Too Many Newbies Online Doing The Same Type Of Marketing

Ok folks this my first guest post here on Technshare.com and pretty much wanted to come in with a bang. I’m not one of those marketers who is going to beat around the bush and sugar coat things. My train of thought is to tell people the truth so they don’t get false hopes about [...]

Webtrends in Social Media - Facebook vs Twitter

The social network wars seem to have died down, however it doesn’t mean that pursuing social media platforms isn’t a good thing. Social media has transformed not only the way we communicate with our family and friends, but how we communicate with our co-workers, our employees, and even our customers. More and more businesses have [...]

7 Proven Ways To Get More Subscribers To A New Blog

You are reading this either because you own a blog and you are hoping to get a more robust following or you are just about stepping into the whole blogging issue that people talk so much about and you want to learn a couple of things before joining them. Whatever the case is with you, [...]

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