Creating your own information products is one of the most profitable ways to generate income on the web.  But people often make mistakes that keep their earnings low or prevents them from making any money at all. Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when creating information products that will not only help boost sales but [...]

How to Separate Free and Paid Content for Your Membership Site

When you run a paid membership site, you need to find the healthy balance between free and paid content. Your free content is the bait that attracts new users to your paid membership site and you can’t do without it but your paid content is the stuff that (supposedly) makes you money. How do you [...]

Email Marketing: This is Why Your Email Marketing Sucks

I have intentional gotten myself in the email marketing list of a lot of people, and you know what? A lot of the email broadcasts suck. And what makes it so sad is that their subscribers will never tell them so. It’s either they unsubscribe from the list or redirect the emails to the junk [...]

Has Your Blog Reached A Traffic Plateau?

We’ve all been there. And if you haven’t, you will – the traffic plateau!  There comes a time when you’ve done all the ‘right’ things and yet for one reason or another, just can’t seem to get past those static traffic numbers. Maybe you’ve managed to reach a significant traffic level but with all the [...]

Post image for How to get First 1000 Subscribers – Free eBook by Onibalusi

2010 was really a great year for everyone. I started blogging in January 2010 and i have been able to build successful blog within a year. At the same time (i guess) onibalusi started blogging, he is an awesome blogger and i’ve learned so many things from oni! It’s really cool to get awesome tips [...]

Creating a GREAT product

When I first started writing my first ebook, I was afraid that nobody would want to read it. But since then, the two ebooks I have written have both been a huge success. It wasn’t because of the way that I wrote, or how well connected I was. It was the information that I provided, [...]

Know Your Limits: What You Can't Do in Internet Marketing

Wait wait…is this serious? – you may ask. I am really going to write a post on things on AVOID rather on things to DO (like most posts are on this or any other blog on making money online)? How can you possibly benefit from this type of post?