5 Tricks to Increase E-Commerce Website Conversion Rates

Congratulations! You have successfully launched your own online business and people refer you as an entrepreneur. You can see the sales coming in and are happy that you are making money. Fast forward to six months later, you are beginning to wonder how to increase your sales figures. The number of unique visits seemed to [...]

Why Bill Gates Would Be The Worst Blogger Ever

Much like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates is perhaps one of the most common household names among those who own computers. Whether you are a die-hard Microsoft user or not, you should know Bill Gates’ name much like you should know your own. I for one, though, am glad that he chose to create software for [...]

Improving Yourself Through Blogging

I started my blog a little over a month ago.  Like everyone else, I wanted that instant traffic.  I wanted my blog to be instantly popular and I wanted to be appreciated for what I had to offer.  Like the majority of blogs at the start, I get little to no traffic at all.  After [...]

7 Proven Ways To Get More Subscribers To A New Blog

You are reading this either because you own a blog and you are hoping to get a more robust following or you are just about stepping into the whole blogging issue that people talk so much about and you want to learn a couple of things before joining them. Whatever the case is with you, [...]

Post image for Are you an Impatient Blogger? Well, Hold the Rush!

Blogging is fun. It is a great thing to do. No matter if you are blogging for living, as a hobby, or just for fun- it is indeed fun. But impatience kills all the beautiful aspects of blogging. If a blogger is impatient, he/she is not blogging the right way and won’t benefit from blogging.

13 Powerful Ways To Effectively Improve Your SEO

Search engine optimization also known as SEO has been proven to be one of the most effective free way to drive your businesses online towards a very positive direction.  Some have shoved the idea of utilizing SEO because it almost seems so intimidating. This practically happens because of the fact that most are not familiar [...]