Announcing the Crazy Guest Blogging Contest Winners

We had several independent judges that were asked to rate each post on a scale of 1 to 10 based its overall quality and creativity. I averaged all of these scores to determine the winners. Number of comments, amount of tweets and general social engagement was also looked at as a secondary metric that we [...]

Guest Blogging Content - It ends here

Today, November 5th is the very last day to submit your TNS Guest Blogging Contest entry to compete for the $1258 worth Prizes.  If you haven’t entered the contest today is your last day. It has been really a great contest and I would like to thank all the guest authors for participating in this [...]


“In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment.” – Charles Darwin The sad story of the dodo bird is well known throughout the world as being the main example of animal extinction. It is also a demonstration of [...]

TNS Crazy Guest Blogging Contest Prizes

I’m really surprised by the lack of TNS readers participating in our Crazy Guest Blogging Contest. Don’t miss out this great contest. Take advantage of this opportunity and make yourself some extra money. Today I’m announcing the top prizes for the contest and they are as follows:

Technshare Crazy Guest Blogging Contest

With this post, I’m announcing the launch of much awaited guest blogging contest. This contest will give you the ability to win various prizes that includes cash, themes, ebooks etc. just for guest posting on this blog along with the various benefits that guest blogging does.

What's new on Technshare?

There is some interesting news to share with you today regarding upcoming blogging contest, we’re able to collect $350+ cash and $500+ non cash prizes. Anyways, this is not the only thing I wanted to share with you guys, I am very excited because I’m working on the design of Technshare as well, maybe some [...]

A New Guest Blogging Contest Is Coming – Be A Sponsor For It

Hello Everyone, I would like to announce about an upcoming contest coming over on Technshare. The days where a contest is composed of subscribing to feed, following on twitter are all long over. I mean those contest don’t really add that much value both the blogosphere and to the sponsors. So, we have decided to [...]

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Hello Everyone, Today, I get to know that DesignCrowd is holding a huge cash prize giveaway contest on their site (from Lee) and I think I should take part and give it a try. Please Show Your Support And Retweet The Post! Thanks!!