There has been a lot of discussion about the effectiveness of Facebook ads vis-a-vis the cost. This has been the subject of conflicting reports. Some reports have shown Facebook ads to be highly effective, while some have shown these same ads to be ineffective. However in spite of the negative reports, it might be worth [...]

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Humans are social animals. We love to communicate with each other and most of us enjoy spending time on social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a multitude of others. Because of the popularity of social networking sites, it makes sense that a marketing campaign makes use of sites such as Twitter and Facebook to [...]

So you’re interested in starting a business blog. You should be! Social media and blogs have become powerful marketing tools that can help improve customer service, build your company brand and drive traffic to your website, whether you are a plastic mold service company or Web design firm. Getting started is tough, though, especially if [...]

Dealing with lots of online tasks can sometimes be very challenging not to mention that you also have to manage your personal life. Here are some online tools for personal and business use that can help you organize things and your schedule. Not only that, these tools are proven to save your time, effort and [...]

Why Social Media Can Ruin a Company Reputation

Usually if something is free, it’s too good to be true. A commercial offers you a free business phone service, but you have to provide your email address; your sister offers you a free cookie, but only if you trade her for your brownie; a company offers you a company credit card, but you can [...]

Creating a Google+ Brand page for your website

Yesterday, Google+ launched the Brand pages. I’ve just created an new brand page for WP Kube on Google+ and thought to share the process with you. The page works very similar to Google+ Profile. You can add videos/images or update status. Google+ is great feature and much better than Facebook pages. Google+ brand pages are [...]

How can a Website Design Influence its Performance?

It is just a website layout, it is just color scheming, how can it possibly affect my business model? – If you think like that, prepared to be surprised.  Your website layout and design affects your business model, especially an online business very deeply. One thing you should keep in mind that when we talk [...]

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The earthquake on the east coast sent the entire population into a panic. Residents were not prepared for the natural tectonic plate shift, and became startled by the possibility of another terrorist attack. Twitter users in Washington D.C. posted about the event and informed people in New York about the disruption seconds before it hit [...]

See You On the Flipside: Turning Your Research Into Multiple Articles

One of the hardest, and yet most important, things about getting started with an online business is building your cyber reputation.  It’s difficult because it involves creating material that will draw customers to your site.  This is important because without customers, you don’t have a business. One of the best ways to get people to [...]

Method Over Madness: Perfecting an Outsourcing Process

In today’s economy, stretching your dollar is critical when starting an online business.  The freewheeling credit opportunities of last decade are a thing of the past, and venture capital can be scarce.  Cultivating an internal team of dedicated employees can be cost-prohibitive.  As a result, it is vital that you find ways to build your [...]