Post image for Case Study “Hyperbole and a half”: From Successful Blog to Best-selling Graphic Novel

Many bloggers dream of publishing a book with their Internet content. In fact, it seems that there is no need to write a book anymore; you can just gather all your blog posts, add some nice graphics, do some minor editing, and off you go; instant literary success awaits. As things are, this fantasy is [...]

Write a Noticeable Blog Post

by think on September 26, 2013 · 12 comments

 Lately, it seems as though everyone has a blog. There are thousands of blog posts on every imaginable topic, all seeking reader attention. With all of this competition, how do you make sure that your one blog post stands out? There are a variety of theories on the subject. I put together the top three [...]

Through time, more and more people are learning about the features and advantages of using Google+. Between Q2 2012 and Q1 2013, the estimated number of its monthly users who are active is 359 million. These people are now enjoying the unique functions of the service and its interconnection with the other services that are [...]

So you’re interested in starting a business blog. You should be! Social media and blogs have become powerful marketing tools that can help improve customer service, build your company brand and drive traffic to your website, whether you are a plastic mold service company or Web design firm. Getting started is tough, though, especially if [...]

Online publishing is a hot trend these days, and it has been for the recent 5 years. Various e-catalogues, e-libraries, stores that sell e-books and research articles have become a reliable source of digital information sought after in the modern society. Since the competition in this market is incredibly intense, online publishers have to become [...]

If you think of yourself as a keen blogger then it’s likely that you’ll be even keener to ensure that you have the best tools at your disposal for getting your daily posts done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Now that many of us are having to do our blogging duties on the move [...]

pick a blog topic

Want more readers and action happening on your blog? (Of course you do) I’ll let you in on an open secret – you’ve got to pick the right blog topics to write about. If you’re a copywriting genius you may just get away with talking about the weather and keep your readership (maybe, maybe not). [...]

My body screamed in agony. I blinked hard as sweat poured into my eyes, burning like pickle juice and vodka. My legs trembled, then shook violently as my body contorted in a most inhuman way. As I exhaled the shakes began to dissipate. Welcome to yoga. All the cool kids on the interweb seem to [...]

Guest posts are turning out to be an important internet marketing tool and almost all internet marketers are using this tool to boost their marketing efforts. But, not all of them get it right. In fact, a large percentage gets it wrong. They get it wrong because they look at guest blogging purely from a [...]

During the early years of the internet, English used to be the predominant language on the web. Native English speakers accounted for the majority of the online population, but with the global spread of internet usage, they now only account for 26.5% users on the web. During the last decade, the global growth of the Internet has resulted in increasing [...]