Write a Noticeable Blog Post

by think on September 26, 2013 · 12 comments

 Lately, it seems as though everyone has a blog. There are thousands of blog posts on every imaginable topic, all seeking reader attention. With all of this competition, how do you make sure that your one blog post stands out? There are a variety of theories on the subject. I put together the top three [...]

How can a Website Design Influence its Performance?

It is just a website layout, it is just color scheming, how can it possibly affect my business model? – If you think like that, prepared to be surprised.  Your website layout and design affects your business model, especially an online business very deeply. One thing you should keep in mind that when we talk [...]

4 Practical Steps to Creating a Popular Blog

No one ever starts a blog thinking “I don’t care if anyone ever reads it; I am going to write it anyway”. The truth is we start blogging to be heard, to share, to interact, and yes, to make money. Of course, none of it (especially, the “making money” part) is even remotely possible without [...]

Improving Yourself Through Blogging

I started my blog a little over a month ago.  Like everyone else, I wanted that instant traffic.  I wanted my blog to be instantly popular and I wanted to be appreciated for what I had to offer.  Like the majority of blogs at the start, I get little to no traffic at all.  After [...]

7 Deadly Sins of Blogging

Blogging has become one of the most popular activities done by netizens. It is estimated that thousands of blogs are created each day. And if you made a rough estimate on the number of blogs currently residing over the internet the numbers will surely be mind boggling. If you feel that you’re getting lost in [...]

5 Ways To Keep Your Blog Readers Loyal

There are many factors that contribute to the success and popularity of a blog but the key is to custom tailor your content based on what you know about your readers. Engage your audience, then keep them coming back for more. The following are 5 ways to keep your blog readers loyal.

The 3 Deadly Sins that Will Put Your Visitors Off the Moment They Land On Your Blog!

Let me ask you something really quick, OK? What do you think happens when you come to a blog? (It can be any blog, doesn’t matter what it is.) The very first thing that takes place is you form an opinion about that blog. You decide whether you like it or not and that decision [...]

Post image for 5 Tips To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

Today, everyone wants to make money online and they try to do it with affiliate marketing. The problems is that to be effective at affiliate marketing , you have to do things right and ethically. Ethics are really important because there are a lot of ” wrong ways” to make money with affiliate marketing (spam, [...]

7 Proven Ways To Get More Subscribers To A New Blog

You are reading this either because you own a blog and you are hoping to get a more robust following or you are just about stepping into the whole blogging issue that people talk so much about and you want to learn a couple of things before joining them. Whatever the case is with you, [...]

Use these 5 Simple Tools to Grow Your Online Business

A successful online entrepreneur knows which tools to use and how to use them. Growing an online business doesn’t need to take years if you select the proper tools in the beginning. Each tool listed helps to expand your presence while establishing your authority. Most respected online entrepreneurs use these to find prospects, spread their [...]

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