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Write a Noticeable Blog Post

by think on September 26, 2013 · 12 comments

 Lately, it seems as though everyone has a blog. There are thousands of blog posts on every imaginable topic, all seeking reader attention. With all of this competition, how do you make sure that your one blog post stands out? There are a variety of theories on the subject. I put together the top three [...]

5 Ways To Keep Your Blog Readers Loyal

There are many factors that contribute to the success and popularity of a blog but the key is to custom tailor your content based on what you know about your readers. Engage your audience, then keep them coming back for more. The following are 5 ways to keep your blog readers loyal.

3 Untapped Ways To Drive Fast Traffic To Your Blog

Let’s face it, although SEO can be a very powerful method of driving traffic it does have its drawbacks. First, it is slow and (at least in my experience) it is getting slower. It can take months to gain the necessary authority in Google’s eyes to achieve a decent level of search engine traffic. Secondly, [...]

Are you a creative blogger ?

by Jeevan on December 23, 2010 · 28 comments

Post image for Are you a creative blogger ?

This post tries to teach a blogger to think differently. Thinking differently will help a blogger to write unique, information-rich post that attract hordes of traffic.

Do you believe in yourself ?

by Jeevan on December 14, 2010 · 30 comments

No, this post is not another post about content creation, promotion or networking. This post is about Self-belief. Do you believe in your self ? Do you have the confidence ? Before we talk about confidence, let’s look at the various definitions of Confidence :- 1) assurance: freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your [...]


“In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment.” – Charles Darwin The sad story of the dodo bird is well known throughout the world as being the main example of animal extinction. It is also a demonstration of [...]

personality traits of successful bloggers

There’re millions of blogs so they should be millions of bloggers. But if there are millions of bloggers then why are there only a handful of them who are at the top. So what is that one single element that defines a successful blogger from the many out there struggling to keep their head out [...]

social bookmarking basics

Social bookmarking sites account for over 75 million visitors each and every month, so getting a piece of that pie is fundamental to your blogging success. But what exactly IS social bookmarking? It’s actually a lot of things to a lot of people, but to a blogger…

Unleash The Problogger Within You - Dare To Be Original!

There are approximately over 150 Million blogs online and the numbers are rising rapidly with a new blog being launched every half a second. So one may think as a blogger, “How do I stand out as a blogger, how do I get noticed when there are so many bloggers in the blogosphere?” Trust me [...]

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