How to Make a Career Out of Your Love for Gaming

by janderson on May 5, 2013

For most people, turning your favorite hobby into a job is close to impossible, but other times, it is more than possible. Though most gamers probably assume that they lie in the first category of people, this is definitely far from true. Here are four ways to make a career out of your love for gaming, whether PC of Console is your forte.Testing
In the world of software design, it is crucial to test every product for bugs, this especially holds true for video games. Anyone who wants to get into testing usually has to have some experience or education. It also helps if you have computer or even light programming experience. Of course, when starting out, many companies just want their employees to enjoy playing video games. When getting started, do not expect to make a lot of money. If you can learn how to program and make the games, you can make a lot more money than testing.


As mentioned, there is a natural progression from being a tester to being a video game creator. Anyone who knows how to program should look into continuing as the hobby in their career. Many schools have programs specifically for people who are interested in becoming video game programmers. The other route is to go the self-taught way, as surprisingly large number of programmers simply learn how to program on their own.

If you are not a technical person, or dread sitting in front of a computer all day, look into sales. A lot of people who love video games get jobs selling video games. Though it is not glamourous, it can be fun. If you want to work your way up, you always have the natural progression of running a whole store, or becoming a manager. Especially if college isn’t your thing, you should look into sales.

A lot of people who have a passion for something do well when they market their passion. Video game marketing is no difference than any other marketing. A video game marketer helps market the video game to gamers all around the world. When looking into becoming a video game marketer, a person should have skills in business and marketing. A strong interest in video games will make it much easier for the marketer to enjoy his or her job.

The gaming industry is a fun and entertaining one. If you have a passion for video games, you should seriously consider working in the industry. The great thing about the industry is the fact that it is growing exponentially. People of all ages are taking an interest in video games. With that in mind, remember that if you work in the video game industry, you will be doing what you enjoy all of the time. What more can you ask for?

Jenna Taylor writes about gaming, professional development and education. Her proudest piece is on the 50 Best High-Paying Careers (and the Degrees You Need for Them).

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