How to Create a Great Blog, Even if You Don’t Like to Write

by janderson on January 12, 2013 · 1 comment

Blogging is an activity that many people enjoy and participate in on a daily basis. Many people are rather intrigued by the field, but have yet to fully dive into it. The major reason for this is that they absolutely cannot stand writing. Fortunately, different methods of blogging exist – and even if you hate to write, you can still have a great blog. Here’s what ya need to know.

Picture Driven
All great blogs really should have pictures, so that they properly convey the subject about which you are speaking. Consider putting together a blog that is heavy on the pictures and light on the writing. Simple captions or brief descriptions underneath or next to each picture will suffice, as long as the meaning of the post is clear and readers can still appreciate it.

Working as Teams
Another way to dive into the world of blogging without doing much writing is to team up with someone else. Perhaps another student in your cooking class loves to write and wants to create a blog about all of the goodies that the class makes in the kitchen. Instead of being involved with the writing component, you could take all of the pictures to go along with the words. In addition to taking the photographs, you could also be responsible for graphic design and marketing the blog on social media websites. All of these components are necessary when you want your blog to be noticed.

Video Blogs
Blogging is generally associated with writing, so thinking outside of the box can be a little bit difficult. However, sometimes it’s not necessary to write at all, aside from creating titles and tiny blurbs of information. Start a video blog that documents your travels across the United States or your quest to collect every single Beanie Baby ever made. When people need a break from blogs that they have to read, they will turn to yours as a source of entertainment. In addition to these positive benefits, you can demonstrate how to actually go about clay modeling or how to truly bake a cake. People do not need to guess what the steps of the process are -they can actually see them.

A Learning Opportunity
Being able to write is an essential component of proper communication, and these types of skills can really benefit you in both the workplace and in society in general. Instead of fighting against writing, let blogging be the opportunity to develop your writing skills. The difference between this type of writing and other forms is that you’re picking a topic that you love. As a result, the words will likely come more easily and naturally, as opposed to feeling forced and boring. If, after awhile, you still see that writing is not for you, consider giving one of the other methods a honest try.

Before reading all of these tips, you may never have thought that blogging was for you. Hopefully, you have been inspired to engage in a new discipline or to use the skills that you already have to develop an even better blog.

Vanessa Rogers writes about technology, writing and more. She likes to synthesize her interests and recently, she wrote a series of articles on how to find the most affordable information technology schools in the US.

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Sai Kumar January 13, 2013 at 9:52 pm

Hi Josh Anderson, Great Tips! Creating Picture and Video Blogs are best when you don’t like to write. BTW! Thanks for Sharing!

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