How Google Cloud Print Can Now Print to FedEx Office Locations

by sarah on May 21, 2012 · 3 comments

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Print on the go with Google Cloud Print (Photo: Easternblot)

Have you ever felt the need to print something on the go? Despite all the fancy gadgets we have today occupying endless aisles that store data in digital form, the need to print out data physically is something that happens every other day. For those who have ample time at hand, conventional printers will work but what about those who need to get it done quickly. This is where Google Cloud Print comes into the picture.
Being one of the biggest names in the industry, it will only be justified to say that we are in an era where we may survive without water but without Google, we stand no chance. With a proud legacy of revolutionizing the industry in many ways, this time the giant has stepped ahead to amuse the world with upgrades in their service Google Cloud Print.
Although there is a huge assortment of computing devices and software that allow users to access, share and manipulate content in a rich format, there are those who still prefer to have their data in physical form. Google Cloud Print caters to the needs of all such individuals. As a remarkable service introduced in 2010, the core idea was to facilitate printing for people by allowing them to share files from their mobile phones and Chromebooks.
Since its inception, the service earned great appreciation for its potential as the newest wrinkle in the printing industry. After all, the service was completely eliminating the need for any lengthy wires going across one’s personal computer and printer. In order to remotely access a printer, one needs a wireless connection and with a number of wireless internet providers, it is not difficult finding one.
The recent news that has taken the world by storm is that Google Cloud Print can now print to any of the FedEx offices you have in your vicinity. The update was introduced on 18th April, 2012 when it was revealed on the Google Chrome Blog that printing gets to even more places with FedEx offices across the country added to the list.
Since it is an endeavor at making it more convenient for people to print when they need it the most, the announcement has actually inspired a wave of pleasure among users. In addition to printing to certain FedEx locations, the upgrade also provided other improvements such as android integration. Another prestigious name to join the list of hardware vendors who support Google Cloud Print is Canon.


The idea behind Google Cloud Print is quite simple but effective all the same. Users can remotely access printers that are accessible over internet. This is accomplished by associating the printer with the user’s Google account. Compatibility with printers that are cloud-aware is the core aspect earning the service all the kudos it deserves.
If you think that only printers that are compatible can be remotely accessed, think again. The service works perfectly with conventional printers as well by just installing software on the computer connected to it. This way, Google Cloud Print brings to life the notion of seamless compatibility. The good news is that biggest names in the printing industry such as Canon, Epson, Kodak and HP are now introducing models that support the service, which definitely establishes even more convenience.
With the Google Cloud Print now printing to FedEx office locations, all users have to do is to relay the file to any FedEx office in close proximity. The user gets a retrieval code that he will have to submit at the specifically designed ‘print and go’ machines installed at the store. Within a matter of seconds, the user can have the desired file printed. This feature has been a part of HP’s ePrint service for about a year now but has recently been incorporated by Google into their services.
Apart from the amazing option of allowing the user to print to any FedEx office location, Google has introduced provisions in order to provide support for the Android 4 device. The only requirement is that the Android 4 device has the ‘Chrome for Android’ app installed at it. All a user has to do is to associate his device with his Google account. With service provided by wireless internet providers, the smartphone will instantly be realized by the service as a printing destination. The print generated on the Android device will actually be a PDF that can easily be opened by the Chrome for Android app.

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These cloud services are indeed innovative. Google has done a commendable job in bringing up Cloud printing. Hope to see more such cloud services being built in the future .

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