Why your new Posts are not getting Crawled?

All bloggers usually want their new posts to get crawled as soon as possible, BUT there is no guarantee if Google will even index them or not, but you must keep your self on track by maintaining your blog for the entrance in search results. Keep in mind that you must treat your site accordingly, [...]

Post image for Boost your Link building Campaign with Link Wheel

To have substantial amount of inbound links is essential for a website to rank higher in search engines. In fact the main purpose of a Link Building campaign is to increase the quality and quantity of Links for a website in order to achieve high ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). To do so, [...]

Back Links To Your YouTube Channel

Wouldn’t you love to get high page rank back links to your YouTube channel? To tell you the truth I do not really know whether this works or not however, it is just an idea that came into my head. I have not seen this tactic anywhere on the Internet as it just came to [...] - A Social Bookmarking Site for Bloggers

Using Social Bookmarking Sites is really a great way to boost traffic, backlink, marketing to your blogs and your online profits. Today i would like to share one of my awesome project – which i started last year and it is growing very quickly.

optimize youtube videos

Welcome to my guest post series on YouTube. For the next couple of weeks, I will discuss the best tips for optimizing your YouTube videos, your channel page and increasing your video views using cross linking. I will also discuss using YouTube’s  Insight feature to gain links and traffic for your blog.

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I think I can say that all of you reading this post want to make money online. You all know that holding that number one spot (depending on your keyword) will send you a ton of good traffic and generate some sales. But, to get those top rankings will require work, even how little work [...]

5 SEO Quick Tips To Increase Your Website SERP's

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is going to be a crucial vehicle in how you drive traffic to your site.  Sure, there are other vital sources such as social media, PPC and back-linking strategies; however, this article will solely focus on the thing YOU have direct control of – your website. Here are 5 SEO [...]

SEO In a Nutshell: The Shortest Tutorial Ever

Not time for fluff; let’s get straight to business. 1. Keyword research Make sure you start with this step! Determine what your targeted traffic might be searching for. Be sure your content addresses their needs. Pick one main keyword or keyword phrase to optimize your post for.

Keyword Winner Review - The Ultimate Keyword Winner SEO Plugin | Keyword Winner

Recently I got my hands on the new awesome seo plugin keyword winner, actually it’s best plugin out there for keyword research. Today i did some keyword researches, so i thought it would be great to share some awesome researches and how keyword winner is working for me. Keyword Winner is a premium wordpress plugin. [...]

SEO Competition

Competition is healthy but when you are continually 2nd or 3rd place to your major competitors and there is nothing you can do to out beat them, then you have some serious questioning to ask yourself to see what your doing is actually right? With over 14 billion websites on the internet it is no [...]