You have an online presence in the form of a blog or online store? Bad news, there are millions similar ones out there. Yes, and that is one of the reasons why your site does not have many visitors or why the visitors leave your site faster than you wished them to. But hang on, [...]

There are now more than 800 million Facebook users with more than 50% logging into their accounts every day. Facebook is definitely the channel to go to if you want to promote your website. There is more than just posting the URL of your website in your status every now and then. Read on to [...]

One of the main reasons why most website owners attach a blog to their site is because a blog is much simpler to update and maintain. Good blogging software such as WordPress provides all the necessary tools to make updating simple and easy. A blog can also get away with a less formal writing voice, [...]

HostUpon Web Hosting Maximum Discount

I came across a limited time offer by HostUpon for a special 50% discount on their web hosting packages and decided to check it out. The company is privately owned and managed, based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada. Just look them up on the Net, they’re highly ranked among web hosting companies together with other [...]

Tips to get More Comments on your Blog

When I first starting writing blogs many moons ago, I was very passionate and was churning out posts every day without fail. After diligently writing for 6 months, I began to wonder if I had any readers for I did not get many comments. I did not know what my readers were thinking, whether they [...]

How to Regain the Traffic you lost to Google Panda

The introduction of Google Panda in late February, 2011 represents a laudable attempt to increase user satisfaction among Google’s enormous user base. Users surf the Web everyday for a huge variety of topics and are the driving force behind the huge advertising revenue which Google generates each month. Before Google Panda was introduced, junk content [...]

How to Enjoy and Have Fun on Facebook

Today’s post is all about how to have fun on Facebook. There is just too much negativity in the news lately so let’s have some cheerful article here instead. Now, chances are that you already have a Facebook account. So what do you normally do when you logged into Facebook? Here is a look at [...]

Top Five Ways of Curing Your Writer's Block

Everybody gets stumped on an idea once in awhile, regardless of what the subject matter of your blog is. After all, there is only so much news you can squeeze out of Lindsay Lohan and her rehabilitation drama, right? The bad news is that a writer’s block can be a pretty serious ailment particularly if [...]