James Martell

Nathan Williams, senior copywriter at SEO Advocate, once said, “SEO provides actions, targets, and priorities, and copywriters use that information to tailor the content. The two sides must work together, or both fail.” High-quality content makes a big difference. That is because sites that Google considers to be more important are more likely to link [...]

There’s nothing quite like having a knowledgeable team of experts on your side when striving to expand the reach of, and increase the traffic to, your online business. I embraced the beauty of outsourcing several years ago when I first discovered Elance.  Outsourcing as many of my projects as possible allowed my wife Arlene and [...]

If you have started a career from home, or are thinking of starting one, then I would like to share with you some valuable tips to best ensure a 5 figure income. I have been at this business a long time now, and have a few details to share, which you might not have considered [...]

See You On the Flipside: Turning Your Research Into Multiple Articles

One of the hardest, and yet most important, things about getting started with an online business is building your cyber reputation.  It’s difficult because it involves creating material that will draw customers to your site.  This is important because without customers, you don’t have a business. One of the best ways to get people to [...]

Cheat Sheet For Guest Writers – 6 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Post

Recently I had a Skype conversation with an associate of mine Lisa Penekamp about guest posting and what could be done to get the biggest bang out of the backlinks that point to her site from that guest posting. Lisa is a big fan of guest posting and is convinced, and rightly so, that links [...]

3 Steps to Quickly (and Easily) Increase Your Twitter Followers

If you could make a simple change on your website to get more Twitter followers, would you do it? If you could think of something to say to what people say in the comments section on websites, and get free twitter followers, would you do it? And if you could use a proven method of [...]

5 Strategies to Ensure Repeat Visitors

Having been closely involved in Internet marketing for more than a decade, I’ve seen a lot of changes. One of the major ones has to do with what was the former focus, which was on driving a lot of traffic to your site every day. This is still important, but what has become essential is [...]


An Idea That Changed Everything Although we hear the term *backlinks* a lot, many do not know *why* backlinks are important to rankings. In fact, very few realize that Google’s original name was *backrub*. The co-founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin had been working together on a search engine they called *backrub* since early [...]

The Secret of Driving YouTube Traffic to Your Website

When you start talking about all the different ways you can drive traffic to your site, you have to talk about YouTube. It has been sizzling hot for many marketers yet others continue to overlook this highly trafficked video search engine. 4 Stunning Facts Sure, there are plenty of other video search engines, but none [...]

The Top 10 Tips for Outsourcing like a Pro

For many years now, people have been looking to work for themselves rather than someone else. This kind of entrepreneurial spirit is integral in human nature, but today it is easier than it ever was in the past because of the Internet. On the other hand, it’s not exactly easy – you do have to [...]

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