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Technshare is a multi-author blog­ging website that pro­vides out­stand­ing tips for excelling your blog.  Top­ics include Make Money Online, WordPress, Blogging Tips, Marketing Tips, Link Building, SEO and so much more!

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Gavin Simone

Gavin has been marketing online since 2008.  His experience includes blind drop shipping, creating digital goods, and blogging for fun and profit.   Gavin got started on eBay selling his belonging which led to consignment work where he represented people he met through Craigslist.  Gavin was the brainchild behind Foxy Drummer, an online retailer that sells custom drumsticks and Murder Mystery Hut that sells murder mystery dinner games through his website and using Clickbank.

Gavin resides in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and currently learning kiteboarding and kite snowboarding.

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Onibalusi Bamidele


I am Onibalusi Bamidele, a 16 year old Nigerian. I got my first computer at the age of 13, I began to tweak and test and play with various aspects of the computer. When working on my computer, I will play with various aspects I was asked by computer engineers not to touch. “If you do this, your computer will get spoilt” is a myth to me, I believe it is not true.  With time, I got used to my computer that I even repaired it when it has problems. I kept on working like this.  I got internet access a year after i got my computer. Due to high charges of ISP’s in my country I would look for a software that can do the job for free. Before you know it, I began browsing freely.  I started my first website in October 2009, I started blogging on the 7th of January 2009.

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Hector Cuevas

Hector run his Blog Marketing blog and shares everything he does to attract and retain readers, grow his opt-in list and grow his business.
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Robyn-Dale Samuda

Robyn-Dale Samuda, born and raised in Jamaica, is an Entrepreneur, Blogger, Educator & Web Developer and is CEO of Creative Engine Jamaica, one of Jamaica’s leading web development firms. One of his passions, is making life better for children in need through his brainchild, the Victory For Kids Foundation. He enjoys playing pool, swimming, creating business opportunities for young aspiring entrepreneurs and teaching through blogging which he does through his main blog, Sam’s Web Guide.

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Evelyn Parham

Evelyn Parham is a graduate of Tennessee Technological University, where she obtained a Master of Science degree in biology. She is the author of EvelynParham(dot)com, a blog that features articles about Becoming a Healthier You via making healthy lifestyle changes and she is also a member of The WeBlogBetter Team. Connect with Evelyn on Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube.

Febap Liew

Febap Liew is an internet marketer of various internet businesses online. She has been working around the fields of internet marketing and her highest hope is to be able to help everyone succeed online too. She hopes to educate everyone and put them on the right path to internet success by providing them with a right direction to walk on. Follow her at her blog at Blogxic | Make money online today or Twitter. Click here and find out about her recommendation to how she and subsequently you too will be able to set up an run a range of profitable internet business from scratch.

Alex Whalley

Alex Whalley, also known as The Keyword Research Blogger is the author and founder of The Keyword Research and Niche site marketing blog.

Alex recently quit his fulltime job to concentrate on niche site and search engine marketing. Subscribe to his Keyword Newsletter to get the Ultimate Keyword Research Resource and learn how to generate waves of organic traffic to your blog today.

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Tia Peterson

Tia Peterson is the creator of BizChickBlogs.com, a practical Blogging guide and author of Blog Eat Blog: Simple Strategies for Blogging in a Crowded Niche, which is available free on the website. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Ana Hoffman

“Traffic, traffic, traffic… Can’t do without it, but don’t know how to get it?

Ana Hoffman does, and she freely shares her best insider traffic generation tips and secrets on her Traffic Generation Cafe blog. Don’t forget to pick up Ana’s infamous 7 Steps to Complete Search Engine Domination workbook at her blog as well – why not make money like all SEO gurus do?”

Adam Paudyal

Adam is an avid blogger who regularly contributes in his blog Endeavor-Online about tips and advice on blogging, social media, personal development and other variety of topics to help you become successful online. You can also follow Adam on Twitter and connect with him in Facebook.

Jane is the founder and author of Find All Answers, a multi-niche blog featuring high quality and useful articles on Blogging Tips, Relationships and Self Improvement. She is a passionate blogger and writer (open for hire).

She offers two free ebooks (Your Guide To Better Time Management and Problogging for Newbies), go grab them! You can connect with her on Twitter or Facebook.

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