5 Little-Known Places To Get More Traffic to Your Blog

by surveyspencer on October 18, 2012 · 2 comments

If you’ve come up short with SEO, guest posting and YouTube marketing, you may think that you’ve already tapped out all of the traffic sources available to you. Fortunately, there are a number of “underground” traffic sources that can bring in boatloads of laser-targeted traffic in a flash.

Tutorial Sites

Tutorial sites are one of the most underutilized traffic sources on the planet. Where else can you get a captive audience ready to hear your expertise and not have to pay  dime for it? Even better, you don’t need 100% original content to post on tutorial sites. You can re-purpose your best blog posts or free reports in step-by-step format and you’re good to go.

The most popular tutorial site, Instructables.com, is a traffic powerhouse with a US Alexa ranking of 659!

Before posting, be sure to provide lots of value before your pitch as the members there have no tolerance for hard sells.

Press Releases

I’m amazed at the number of bloggers that don’t think their blog is newsworthy enough to warrant a press release. No matter what you’re up to on your blog, there’s probably a PR topic waiting in the wings. For example, if you launch a new free report, that’s a press release. If you start accepting guest posts, that’s a press release. Almost anything you can spin into news is worthwhile.

Even better, some PR distribution services, such as PRWeb.com, can get your release into sites like Boston.com and the San Fransisco Chronicle website –giving your blog instant credibility.

Blog Aggregators

If you have a quality blog (and why wouldn’t you?) you may want to consider submitting it to consideration at top blog aggregators, such as Technorati, AllTop.com and 9Rules.com. These sites get a ton of traffic from people hungry for content in almost every conceivable niche. Getting your site into aggregates couldn’t be easier: simply submit your URL and a short description of your website and wait for a manual review. If your site is halfway decent it will get accepted.

As a bonus, you even get a nice dofollow backlink in your profile if your site is accepted.

Site of The Day Sites

Are you doing something interesting that deserves attention? If so, get the recognition you deserve by submitting your site to “Site of the Day” websites, such as CoolSiteofTheDay.com, Yahoo! Picks and TopSiteofTheDay.com. There’s no guarantee your site will be accepted, but if it is, you can expect a tidal wave of new visitors overnight.

Ebook Sites

Taking your grade-A content and turning it into an Ebook is one of the fastest ways to get a completely new source of free traffic. Free Ebook sites, particularly Free-ebooks.net and Bookboon.com, get thousands of visitors every hour looking to learn something new from free ebooks. As long as you have a link back to your blog sprinkled throughout the ebook you can sit back and let the automated traffic roll in from a completely untapped source.

Of course none of the above will matter to you if you don’t have a website or blog.  If you’ve got a business or blog idea but no website try using a website builder to help you get online in no time.  Then apply the above techniques to get traffic to your site.  Happy blogging!

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Nick Stamoulis October 19, 2012 at 9:24 am

A press release doesn’t just need to be for huge groundbreaking news. Really, anything new going on is content for a press release. Paid press release distribution sites can get your content (and links) to appear on trusted sites.

Justin December 8, 2012 at 6:56 pm

I personally like to go with Link Building and on-page SEO over what you have listed. More traffic is better SEO! Press releases are huge too if done right; especially online ones. Getting a good copywriter is key to getting them approved too.

Good post, thanks!

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