4 Tips to Help You Get Out of the Dreaded Home Based Business Rut

by Ryan Biddulph on March 16, 2011 · 59 comments

4 Tips to Help You Get Out of the Dreaded Home Based Business Rut

We all get stuck in a home based business rut at times.

Work feels boring. Maybe we lack direction. Or we haven’t seen the results we desire.

I ran into a rut recently but hopped out quickly.

The cause? I wasn’t learning. I wasn’t picking up any new knowledge while networking.

You either grow or die, create or disintegrate. There’s no in between. So you could say me and my home based opportunity were slowly dying.

Grow Or Die – Create

I quickly switched up my strategy. I began posting daily. I also write 1 to 3 guest posts each day. By focusing on creating for others I jumped out of the rut.

Creators make the competition obsolete. When residing on a creative plane of thought you can’t possibly be in the doldrums. It’s too exciting.

Brainstorm new ways to prospect. I’m getting my work in front of a ton of new eye balls with my aggressive guest posting campaign.

Visit New Blogs

I visited a new set of blogs. My Google Reader is now filled with authority blogs. Each author is the tops in their field. I learn new stuff as I visit daily.

I still pick up plenty of new information from the blogs I used to visit but if I’m not learning anything new I don’t read the post. It doesn’t make sense to stick around for an old lesson, especially if you put the lesson into practice daily.


Move your duff.

If you move consistently your mind tends to remain active. If you don’t move much your mind tends to atrophy.

Observe someone who barely exercises. They are dying. On the flip side a person who exercises each day appears to be living fully. These folks are full of energy, and if you run a home based business you need to be full of vim and vigor to handle the obstacles which pop up.

I suggest at least a 30 to 40 minute walk daily.

Meet More People

Are you meeting at least 20 to 30 new people a day? You should be. Not because running a home based business is all about numbers – it’s the connections – but because meeting new people means your attractive magnet is strong. It means you are generating a buzz, and either you are reaching out to new folks or even better, they find you due to your expertise.

I’ve experienced the latter situation recently. With increased guest posting and networking people find me.

Your Turn

Stuck in a home based business rut? What are you doing to get out of it?

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Robin August 20, 2011 at 8:23 am

Excellent information indeed and I fully agree, you need to grow and visting and commenting other blogs is the right thing.
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