4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selling Your Blog

by Ryan Biddulph on November 19, 2013 · 1 comment

I admit it. I thought of selling Cash With A True Conscience from time to time. When times got tough I wanted to cash in. Toss in all my chips.

A bit of clear thinking and a bigger, brighter vision for the future inspired me to keep on writing and cease the sell talk.

I noted a number of my blogging buddies who want to sell out. Some are experiencing financial problems. Others have lost a passion for blogging.

Whatever the case may be you absolutely, positively need to ask yourself a series of questions before you sell your blog or else you might make a terrible mistake because:

  • once you sell you are done with your blog
  • you might be making an impatient decision which kills your blogging future
  • you might be allowing a few minor circumstances cloud your ultimate vision

Before you sell think through why you are selling. Get real. Be honest with yourself.

My Story

I have seen ups and downs during my blogging career. Currently I am scoring about 10,000 visits a day on my blog. In the past though things were not as rosy. Even now I am learning how to effectively monetize my blog to cash in on my traffic.

In leaner times I wanted to sell out. When my traffic jumped I wanted to sell out quickly. I saw dollar signs instead of potential. I saw fat checks instead of fulfillment.

I saw outcomes instead of focusing on the processes, the absolute joy I have in building my blog.

If/when I do sell my blog I will not budge until I see a healthy offer price. REALLY healthy offer price. I learned, finally, that doing what you love to do and honoring your vision trumps all else in life.

So no selly-sell, at least not for now.

1: Why?

Why do you want to sell your blog? Are you disgusted with your financial situation? Do you want to score a few extra hundred or thousand bucks because of some pressing need?

Or have you lost your blogging fire, or passion for writing? Ask the question and wait long and hard for the answer to take the next step. In many cases you can find the money through some other source or you might just need a blogging break.

2: Are You Feeling Financial Stress?

I have suffered through tough financial times. Now I travel the world – living in India – teach people how to prosper through gifting, inspire via my inspirational quotes and live the internet lifestyle.

Things were not always peachy keen though and the financial stresses of life inspired me to sell at one point. After thinking through my decision I decided not to let desperation prevent me from growing a massive audience and building my brand.

3: Have You Really Lost Your Blogging Fire or Do You Need a Break?

I never reached this point thank goodness. I love blogging and take breaks when necessary. Some of my buddies though seemed to have lost their passion.

If you find yourself sick of blogging, for 3 or 4 weeks you might need to consider doing something else, or even selling your blog.

If however you feel a bit burned out after a few days, or even a week, take a deep breath. Usually this is a simple, tiny little blip in your blogging career. Break. Come back fresh. Proceed.

4: Are You Trying to Avoid Your Discouragement?

Some bloggers love writing and connecting with others but are fed up. You might be frustrated about making no money with your blog or attracting few readers. I have been there, and I can tell you this is the exact point where you need to trudge forward instead of selling out.

All top bloggers experienced frustrations, setbacks and many disappointments along the way. These special moments build you up to become a powerful, inspiring blogger. Never sell out when things get frustrating. Double down. Build your network. Write more frequently to improve your skills. Prosper.

Your Turn

Have you ever thought of selling your blog?


Why not?


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Dave Lucas November 20, 2013 at 7:12 am

A few years ago a young blogger sold her popular blog to a technical corporation based in India. Her blog was quite well done for a young teenager, but the group of “techies” botched it up more than the US gov’t botched the Obamacare website. MORAL: If you sell your blog, sell it to someone who has the blogging passion and understands the mechanisms or whatever platform or template you are using! Don’t just unload it for cash.

I just did a search for her old blog -betterbloggingforbloggers – it is still read-able via teh Internet Wayback website, but a lot of the graphics are gone.

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